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Battle of Beverleys Farm 1776


Rules: Sharp Practice

Scale: 6mm

Figures: Baccus

The rebel militia and their one gun turn up first and take a cowardly stand behind some rather neat hedge-work.

Five regiments of his Britannic Majesty arrive to chastise them in their usual columns, guarded by a small skirmish line. Things don’ look good for the rebels. Their betters promised there’ be some reinforcements. But where are they? Meanwhile the columns of the King march slowly forward.

As the light bobs see to some rebel skirmishers in the woods, in the distance the rebel state infantry decide to appear.

As the state troops grind slowly and reluctantly forward, the militia start up a surprisingly accurate fire on the large column in front of them

Unfortunately it’ all doomed to failure as, even suffering heinous casualties, the redcoats manage to pile into the luckless militia

The redcoat right wing regroups and sets itself to clearing the rest militia from the hedge before the state troops turn up. While on the left flank, the light bobs capture the Rebel gun which fired once.

The state troops walk into the lions den, very slowly. Very much like their advance

The rebel right wing stands and tries to shoot it with the redcoats at effective range, but are soon flanked.The redcoat left wing advance as the rebel right retreats. The rebel left suddenly remembers that they need to be somewhere else. Those that survive, that is. The King wins the day.

The battle was fought on a 3 by 2 table using 6mm figures. The armies moved by a complex method of matrix led dice-rolling and ‘bugger it, they would have done this anyway’

I whistled ‘British Grenadier’ throughout.