Cymro Ap Arthan

Nos Mallt

[Night Curse]

Twilight comes, fog rolling, creeping along, part of the ground

Shifting, crawling over the land filled with sorrow and chill

I look down; murkiness embraces my feet squeezes out my breath

I feel icy, grey incomplete, will I die before my next breath

I walk further down this path of death, wishing it were not mine

Watching this pall of Manwolaeth weaving, knitting through the trees

It rises higher as I take each step, now reaching past my knees

And a deep chill overwhelms me as it seeps into my bones

I walk as if my feet were lead, steps shortened like my breath

I exhale upon this sea of white, which would shroud my heart this night

Hush, I hear the baying of the dead, is this Cwn Annwn’s savage pack

Are they seeking out my final walk along this sea of loss

They’re strengthened by a silver moon, trees like shadows of the haar

Casting strange forms no mortal could upon this whitened doom

Moulding spells over the land as only the God Arawn might

In terror, I struggle, on and on, I walk through this…

Night falling, fog reflects this pale moons lantern shine

Gleaming, now as if to ease my journey to the other shore

Hush, quiet, can I hear it? Does what I fear stream now across

the woodland floor

Frightening everything that lives, from man to fallow deer

Annwn, is hunting with his pack, the spirit of deaths abroad

He’s walking, striding through the realm chasing a soul tonight

To follow him home to a place where only darkness prowls

I stop; heart screaming, frozen as sweat drips down my spine

Their howling is too close; I see the hounds not distant now

White with ears of red, hurdling the mist, they seem to vanish,

then appear ears glowing in the dark as beacons do

For the Cwn Annwn are on the loose, all dread this very night

Demise by Awawn will drive them on, excited in the hunt

God Awawn is strong in bringing death, does Mallt-Y-Nos,

The hag ride by his side

All I need now is to take my last breath as she longs to be,

his bride

The pack scream, barking shrilly as one, as they smell deaths

awful trail

I am frightened, is my soul about to depart, am I other

world bound?

They are close, I hold my breath, stone still, Nos Mallt has come

But the fearsome hounded crash past me, their bound for another,


At their passing, I see my soul is it not the one they seek

I know they are hunt another, who lives in these forest lands

Threshing, tearing into a croft through walls as if they were not there

Through, the mist a scream, a young woman’s voice ‘Oh No’ she shrieks

As seeing her loved one fall, opening her arms as to ease his last breath

However here’s a lesson to us all within this terrible tale

Perhaps one we should all recall

“Always pay the rent to god and goddess all on their day and fear not no more”

Cymro Ap Arthan

Callan Mai 2014