1. Personal Harvest Festival

As the year turns again,

What blessings can you reap?

What seeds have blossomed and ripened?

What of your harvest will sustain you and yours?

Achievements?  Events?  Skills gained?

What precious moments have spiced your life?

Moments of tranquillity

Moments of joy

Moments of ecstasy.

Then, like the chaff that is winnowed-

given to the wind -

Or the stubble that is burnt,

Or ploughed back into the Earth,

What experiences through the cycle

have brought challenge,



What grains of wisdom can be given back,

given out,

swept away?

The good farmer,

the good husbandman,

the good wife.

Shares now in celebration.

Saves some for leaner times.

Reserves some for new seed times.

What can you take forward into the future?

What can we teach the children

as the cycle spirals on?

2. Solstice ‘07

The rainbow uniforms of the disposed.

Glittering piercings,

Tattooed flesh.

The sweet stoned hippies,

To the earth bound goddess.

Pagan drummers in vibrant colours,

The dreadlocked, crusted, eco-warriors.

The barefoot children,

And their barefoot mothers.

The last vestiges of the new age travellers.

Gathered at this festival time,

To celebrate the wheel of life,

Drawn together like a ragged tribe,

To the Giants dance,

To watch the sunrise.

3. Earth Song One

Ancient as the morning dew

Older than the sky

The wheel turns around again

The spiral moves through time

The roots of earth are calling me

Echoes from the past

Wisdom of an age long gone

Heard again at last.

Power flows in to my core

The surge of wind and tide

Currents from a greener time

Wash deep into my mind.

Energised I carry on

Whilst many round me fail

Giving back more than i take

Is now my focused grail

4. Samhain

Tis a time to don a mask,

A time for Vampires and Ghosts.

Trick or treat? Kids ask,

At parties where you are the host

Remember a spare place for those that you loved most

Pumpkins decorate front door ways

The final harvest has gathered in the hay.

Party games & apple bobbing.

No wonder your carpet is sodden!

Costumes of black, a highwayman's hat

A lucky black cat or a plague ridden rat.

All manner of costumes are worn,

But of the bogeyman be warned

For there be magic afoot this night,

Spells whispered by Candlelight

Autumn is at an end

and the wheel of the year turns once again

Tis a time to remember, as dark nights draw on

as dark as empty skull sockets, where eyes used to stare from

How fragile life is to me,

As it was and is now, so mote it be.

5. Earth Song Two

Leaves turn brown and grass dies back

A horrid man has come to hack

and slash his way through our green land

The hour is late, we may be damned

Wild lands cleared, tree cut down

That man again, he wants his pound

of flesh from our own mother earth

Just to sit and count his worth

What price we've paid, we dare not look

We sit inside, nose in a book

of pictures of what used to be

All around so wild and free.

But don't give up, be strong of will

Raise a fist and shout until

the man is forced to turn and hear

About the things that we hold dear

Then at last, it may come to pass

We reinstate all that was lost

That man , he finally turned a corner

Good gracious me! a new world order !

6. Magic/Music

It draws people together

like minded people, with the same passion

In dark crowded basement bar

or arena, or muddy field

We will gather, strangers drawn together

through common love

Sweaty bodies crammed together

The smell of leather and stale ale

Thick smoke lies heavy across the crowd

clinging to clothes

Anticipation: the lights go down

All voices raise a cheering din

The base travels through your feet

Until you feel it in the pit of your belly

Pierced faces, tattooed bodies

A horde of freaks!?

Slam together. Scream along lyrics out loud

The atmosphere is alive with magic

The magic of music

A way of life

An Addiction, maybe?

The hum in your ears

the howl of the crowd

Your idols in the flesh

Recorded sounds played live.

An assault of sound

the thrill of emotions

the build up of

Raw energy....

The Magic of Music!